Visitors Centre
Serengeti National Park

2019 – 
The proposed new Serengeti Visitors Centre (SVC) is located on the grounds of Serengeti in between the Frankfurt Zoological Society pavilion, the recently commissioned Media Centre and the ablution blocks.
Its spatial configuration of the proposed project aims to improve and integrate these existing facilities. At the same time, a clear separation of vehicular traffic and an undisturbed first-hand experience of the local vegetation and climate of Serengeti National Park are achieved.
Similar to the organization of traditional Maasai “Bomas”, a series of small mural structures situated around platforms accommodate the required functions. The platforms are covered by a high canopy
structure with wide eaves, providing shade and, when required, protection from rain.
The wooden canopy roof consists of short interlocking members of local teak wood, that permit transport on small pick-ups and manual assembly on site.
These architectural elements are set in such
way that, in every aspect and perspective, the experience of the impressive natural setting remains the centrepiece.

In collaboration with APC, Dar Es Salaam.

Existing Serengeti Visitors Centre
Foto: APC architects

Site plan

Ground floor plan