Residential complex 
Grono, GR

Phase of permission

2022 –

A villa with a generous garden will be expanded into a small 'campus' of 14 condominiums of various sizes. Each residential unit has a garden or terrace.The organic composition of the 1970s house will be continued in the five small extension buildings, which will be accessed on the upper floor via porches and balconies. Two cores of stairs with lifts lead to the underground car park.The materials chosen should focus on the relationship with the site and sustainability. The new buildings are two-storey and wooden. The ground floor walls of the buildings flanking the semi-public squares and pathways are made of exposed concrete.One of the units near the cantonal road is intended to accommodate small commercial uses, such as physiotherapy, massage, etc.
It is planned to use the villa as a restaurant with guest rooms, complementary to the residential use of the campus.

In collaboration with Indro Moretti