Montessori Children’s House and Primary School
Arusha Region

Competition 1st Prize
In summer 2016 a summer school of the HSLU Lucerne took place in Ifakara, Tanzania. This design-build-workshop dealt with the use of found materials and techniques and took place for the third time at the same location. For two weeks, students from Switzerland and Tanzania came together and, with the support of local craftsmen, built a roofed workshop that will also serve as a festival hall and meeting place for the neighborhood. Here, a reciprocal framework made of round teak logs was used, which spans the square ground plan in concentric rings and forms a flat dome shape. Above this wooden dome floats the actual roof, which ensures good ventilation via a secondary construction and thus reduces the thermal radiation of the sheet metal roof to the inside.

In collaboration with APC Architects, Annika Seifert, Wolfgang Rossbauer