Simba Vision Montessori School
Ngabobo Village

Competition 1st Prize

Dezeen Award 2023
Winner: Education project of the year 2023. Architecture project of the year 2023.

This campus was designed for the children of the rural environment in northern Tanzania, where the population's way of life is changing from semi-nomadic to rural. The campus contains school buildings, a library, dormitories and outdoor areas such as gardens and a theatre.In accordance with the principles of Montessori teaching, the rooms were designed in a holistic manner so that they fulfil the specific social, functional and climatic requirements.Unlike most conventional classrooms, the rooms are rotated by 45° in the overall structure, so that there are multiple connections between them and to the outside space, and the overhanging roof optimally protects the rooms below from the sun.

The first building was completed in 2023.

APC Architects, Annika Seifert, Wolfgang Rossbauer, Udo Thönnissen

Studio: Architectural Pioneering Consultants and Wolfgang Rossbauer
Credits: Udo Thönnissen, Lorenz Eugster and GMP Consulting Engineers