Bignasco Public Swimming Pool 
Bignasco, TI

The elongated shape of the new recreational-tourist centre represents a kind of filter between the landscape and the settlement of Bignasco. It creates a threshold and a new landmark for Bignasco.

The new building is intended to give the use of the indoor swimming pool an independent aspect and a special atmosphere but at the same time to belong to an open and natural space.

The building and its outdoor area are part of the natural space that extends along the Ri Grande from the Maggia waterfall.

In the project, this space is interpreted as a continuum whose topography in the swimming pool area will have to be adapted to the natural course.

To "renaturalise" the artificial topography of the former sports ground, the excavation of the basement will be used. In addition to small hills separating the areas, stones will be placed and local trees such as chestnut, birch and pine trees will be planted to accentuate the whole.

In analogy with the architecture of the area, the building is divided into a solid concrete base and a light wooden superstructure.

The roof is designed as a suspended wooden construction and thus makes optimal use of the properties of wood. This allows the material section of the wooden structure to be reduced to a total of 38 cm.

Engineer: Dr. Neven Kostic
Visualization: Stefano Cinieri