HCAP Shop 
Ambrì Piotta, TI


The Ambrì Piotta Hockey Club is to move into the new arena one mile away from the old legendary Valascia in autumn 2021. This will mark the beginning of a new chapter in the club's over 80-year history. Besides other facilities such as a restaurant and bars, the new arena will also house a fan and hockey shop. Our concept proposes to transfer the identity of the old Valascia into the future in the new arena. To this end, characteristic, recycled components such as stadium seats, wall cladding and façade elements are to serve as reminiscences and evoke memories of the unique atmosphere of the Valascia.

However, it is intended to be a modern and functional shop without nostalgic undertones. Circumferential wooden strips will be mounted in front of a neutral background to accommodate the recycled elements. These, in turn, are to serve as carriers for the merchandising products. This underlying structure allows for a flexible use of the elements, so that the shop can react thematically to events and also serve as an exhibition space.